There have been a lot of things in my dance career that I have learned from taking classes, lessons, and private coaching, and over all these years there are a few “gems,” as one of my students calls them, that just stuck with me.  Whether it’s a vivid explanation or picture story, for some reason the “gem” just sits in your mind like a dormant storm just waiting to stir up when called upon.  So let’s call upon a few now.

When maintaining dance position, think on this:  worry less about staying there, and more about being there.  Now that may sound redundant, so let me explain.  Most of us can get into a pretty good dance position, but the real issue at hand is usually maintaining it through movement.   Once you get into proper position, don’t immediately start worrying about staying there.   Instead, worry (if you will), about being there from one step to the next.  Live in the “now”, not the “what will be 2 minutes from now.”  A golf instructor I once had told me to focus on one thing at a time…meaning when you posture up to tee off don’t stand there and repeat in your mind, “Don’t hit it in the water… don’t hit it in the water!!”  Why?  Because guess what will happen…yup… Blooop!   So don’t worry about if you’re in position at the end of the song, just be in position for each step, you might surprise yourself at the end of that 2 minutes.

There are constant issues with achieving and maintaining dance position for both men and women, but I want to share another tip with the ladies.  We’re going call it “The Airplane.”  This is a great exercise for ladies to practice for achieving and maintaining proper dance position.

1.  Stand with your feet together, stretch nice and tall (lengthen your torso), arms stretched straight out.




2.  Think wing span, now keeping your upper body as one, angle your “airplane” to turn left, make sure your head stays dead center of the plane.




3.  Keeping your head where it is, level your shoulders and arms back parallel to the floor.




4.  Now have your partner place himself into dance position with you.

There you have it, now just work on keeping your position by thinking one step at a time.  All right guys, the next blog is for you!

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