Paramount Paints the Town

The air was balmy, but you could feel the anticipation and excitement in it as we walked down the semi crowded streets. We passed one eclectic place after another, until arriving at our destination.  It was the Marquee Lounge and it was Paramount Paints the Town night. We entered to a warm welcome of students who were already there waiting, excited to see us and for the ensuing fun to begin.  A couple drinks, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot more students later the band began.  Tonight it was to be the swing band “Lonesome Hank and The Heartaches” and they were “On” tonight. We danced, we laughed, and then danced some more, the feeling of comradery, support, and encouragement could be cut with a knife.  It was wonderful to see so many enjoying themselves, from the experienced dancer to the brand new beginner, and simply because we brought them together.  And to think it was a simple idea at first, get people together, find a place to gather, and have as much fun and dancing as possible.  As the night progressed we decided it was time to continue the party, just now at another venue, so we gathered up our things said goodbye to all the on lookers we had met throughout the night and headed down the street to Elements. It was now time to put those Salsa group classes to the test.  As we took over the sidewalk on the way laughing and roaring, everyone stopped to see who the group was that was enjoying this night so much.  The answer was repeatedly announced “It’s Paramount Paints the Town” come join us we would say.  Before you knew it, it was like the pied piper leading the many towards the sounds of glasses clinking and Latin/Caribbean music playing. Upon arrival at our newest destination we could see the intimidation in some of our newer student’s eyes.  They were filled with awe at the smooth flashes of movement on the dance floor.   And because were a bit timid at first, we simply encouraged them, gave ‘em a little push, and before you knew they were out there amongst the crowd enjoying everything that dancing has to offer. The night ended as it began, laughing, dancing, great conversation, and most importantly more people asking when we would “paint the town” next!

We cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoy putting these dance events on for our students and friends. We are so happy to have so many be a part of the Paramount Ballroom Company family, and to conclude,  one of our students summed  it up perfectly as we left for the cars at the end of the night she turned to me and said, “Now THAT, was painting the town!!”

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