What an honor…

to have such a top-notch professional as our first coach!  We hope that you will have the opportunity to come to the studio to meet and train with Max Sinitsa exclusively at Paramount Ballroom Company during his stay January 14-16, 2012.  Max will be teaching a Waltz and a Tango Seminar and will be available for private coaching.  We are so lucky that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to come share his knowledge with us, you do not want to miss this opportunity!  Space is limited and pre-registering is strongly suggested.





Private coaching by appointment only: $145

Seminars: $40 or both seminars for $35 each.   Seminars will be discounted to $30 with the purchase of a Private Coaching.

To schedule a private coaching please call Amy Castro @ (913)957-0579,  or find her on her facebook page, Amy Castro Ballroom Dance.  To reserve your spot for a seminar, you may call Amy, or Paramount Ballroom Company @  (913)859-9778, or find us on face page, Paramount Ballroom Company.

**All seminars and coaching appointments must be paid for before their scheduled time to guarantee you spot!


About Max Sinitsa  Max’s impressive list if credentials include:  2010 United States Rising Star Champion,  2010 United States Open Professional Semi-finalist,  and 3 time United States Amateur American Smooth Champion.

Max began dancing in Ukraine at the age of 10. His parents were both Dancers in Kiev but not in competitive ballroom dancing. At first Max had done both Latin and Standard programs and only after he had moved to Los  Angeles that he made a decision to focus on the International Ballroom.  Following the move to Los Angeles in 1993 Max began training in the American Smooth style and with his current partner Lesya Sinitsa won the U.S. Amateur Title in 2000. After keeping the US Title for 3 years in a row, Max and Lesya had decided to stop competing in the American Smooth style and only put their focus on the International style once again.

In 2004 Max and Lesya had unfortunately split their partnership due to personal reason and both remained competitors with different partners. Following a 6 year break from dancing with one another, Max and Lesya had reunited again in May of 2010. This time both individuals were professional and had begun to pursue their first Professional Rising Star Title. In September of 2010 Max and Lesya had won their first US Professional International Standard Title at USDC in Orlando Florida.

Within the last 2 years Max has slowly built a group of kids in the local Los Angeles area and those who have found partners began competing locally. Now the group consists of 7 couples ranging from ages of 7 to 18 years old. Aside from private lessons, the group is put through simulation rounds 2 times a week and they children are encouraged to practice and cross-train parallel to their school work.  Every summer Max runs a Summer Intensive Program designed to teach the kids many aspects of Ballroom Dancing such as partnering, floor-craft skills, musicality and behavior on and off the floor. The camp has been very successful in the last few years and has grown to accommodate a large group of 18 young adults.

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