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that a professional of this caliber, is willing and able to take time out of her competitive tour to visit our studio March 30-31, 2012!  Currently between the 5th and 6th leg of the Capezio Dance Beat Smooth Tour with her partner Mazen Hamza, Izabella will be exclusively at Paramount Ballroom Company for just two short days offering Private Coaching and Workshops.  This is an opportunity that we are proud to provide our students and dance community.  Space is limited and pre-registering is strongly suggested.



Workshops:  $40 per person/$70 per couple.
Save $10 by when you attend both workshops: $35 per class
Save an extra $5 per workshop when you schedule a
private coaching: $30 per class

Private Coaching (with or without personal instructor, by appointment only):  $145

About Izabella:  Her first dance steps Izabella took at the age of 6 in her home country of Poland. Dancing became not only her big passion, but also a lifestyle.

Since early childhood she has been coached by some of the top dance teachers in the world. Izabella won many prestigious competitions in the following styles of dance: International Latin, International Standard, American Smooth and Showdance.

Izabella moved to US in 2004 and began competing in professional International Latin. She won numerous Showdance competitions and participated as Open Latin finalists in many competitions in the US.

In 2006 Izabella demonstrated for Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson, from “Dancing With The Stars”, in their instructional dance video.

Izabella had the privilege to be the main coach of the Ohio State University Ballroom Dance Team in 2008.

In 2009 Izabella began her partnership with Mazen Hamza in the American Smooth style of dance. In a short period of time they have been dancing together they already won numerous competitions around the country.

Mazen and Izabella are bringing new dimension to the American Smooth, very contrasting and innovative from what has been done so far in this style of dance. Basing their styling on deep understanding of body mechanics their dancing leaves no room for ordinary interpretation of any dance.

Yet again in 2010 Izabella took the position of a collegiate dance team coach, but it was at the University of Delaware.

It was in 2011 that Mazen & Izabella have reached their highest yet placement in the Am. Style Smooth dancing: 2nd at the National Championships as well as 2nd at the World Championships.

Mazen and Izabella are excited to see what the 2012 competitive season brings.

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