Many of you have heard our recent news…

Paramount Ballroom Company will no longer be operating from 9860 Quivira.  We have closed our studio doors, and are continuing as an independent company just as many other area instructors do.  We will be based out of the centrally located, Kansas City Swing and Tango space in Mission, Kansas. We as a couple and as a business are dedicated to continue doing what we do best, “Painting the Town,” training our students, and raising our family.  A very special thanks to all of our loyal students and patrons, that are starting us out on this new chapter with a strong and diverse student body.  We are already have a busy schedule, with several brand new special events in the works.  Please refer to our calendar, located on the Home Page, to find our current class schedule starting in December 2012.  And don’t forget to check back often for special events!

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