NewsNever underestimate the power of a referral.

Having been business owners for some time now, there are certain words that make you cringe, and others that make you jump for joy. The one that has always made me jump the highest is “referral.” It is important for any business to thrive, but to have clients that believe in you and what you do so much so that they tell their friends, family, and yes even sometimes total strangers about you, evokes a feeling beyond thankfulness. A simple referral  could mean anything. It could be as simple as an exchange of business cards, all the way to something that could change your life as you know it…. Little did we know how our life was about to change when we answered the phone and said “Yes, of course we’re accepting new clients.”
To make a long story short we have been asked to manage an independent studio. Paramount Ballroom is coming soon to 103rd and State Line, in Kansas City, Mo.  Please come check us out. We are seconds off of I-435, have two beautiful ballrooms, ample parking, great sound, fully stocked bar, built-in stage for live bands, and a combined 4,000 sq. feet of bamboo floating dance floor. Grand opening date to be announced!





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