Private Lessons

Private Lessons:  By Far the Best Way to Learn to Dance

Whether you dance as a single or a couple, private lessons offer one-on-one attention, allowing you to learn at your own pace, and letting you decide which dance styles appeal most to you.  Private lessons are perfect for  helping young adults, beginners, as well as competitive students achieve their dancing goals.  All private lessons are contract free.

 Paramount Ballroom Company is proud to offer these competitive prices

1-9 lessons…….$74 per lesson

10-19 lessons…$70 per lesson

20+ lessons….$65 per lesson

Group Classes

Group Classes:  Offer the Most Variety

Group classes are a great partner to private lessons.  They allow you to learn a variety of different dances and dance patterns, dance with a variety of different partners to strengthen leading and following skills, and revisit dances learned on your private lessons.

Wedding Dance Preparation: From Your First Dance to Forever

We can help you create a first dance as special and unique as you are.  Do you dream of an elegant waltz, or a spicy salsa?  Whatever your style, we can teach you and your partner custom choreography that will dazzle your guests. You may choose a song meaningful to you, or we may offer suggestions.  Just don’t wait until the last minute, successful first dances take time to perfect.

Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, or attendants dances are also great opportunities to showcase some new moves.

Fearless First Dance: $74 per lesson.

5-9 private lessons plus.  Plus 2 free group lessons

Standing Ovation: $70 per lesson

10-19 private lessons. Plus 3 free group classes

Dance Partners for Life: $65 per lesson

20-35 private lessons.  Plus 5 free group classes.

Dance Parties