‘Tis the season…

for family gatherings and giving…and dance lessons?   As we all start to move in to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we tend to get a bit overwhelmed and free time just isn’t that available.  For us, this time of year is always bittersweet.  As much as we love to spend this time with our families as well, we miss seeing all of you, our students and studio regulars.

Remember us this holiday season:  If you have seen too much of your family and you need a date night…we can help!  If your family is in town and you’re looking for a way to entertain everyone…we can help!  Do you know a special someone that has begged you for years to take dance lessons, or know a little one that has big dreams of being on “Dancing With the Stars?”  Know an avid ZUMBA fitness lover?  We can help with that to!  Scope out our calendar to find a class or studio party, visit our dance instruction page for lesson or package deatils, and contact us to get your gift certificates printed just in time to stuff your stockings!

As a small business, we depend on you!   We hope that you can find an hour here and there to come see us!  Happy holidays and thank you, as always, for your continued support!



Paramount to be the “go to” studio on Saturday nights!

You asked for it, we gave it to you!  Actually we were dragging our feet…we are creatures of habit sometimes, too.   But every week we had at least two people mention that we should have our parties on Saturday nights.  And since when have we been the studio that does what everyone else does?!  So starting this Saturday, November 12, Paramount Ballroom Company will be the “go to” studio for Saturday evening dancing!  We will have an Intermediate Group class at 7 pm, followed by the Studio Party at 8 pm.  We want to allow a lot of flexibility without a lot of confusion, so we have set the price as follows:  $10 for the group…or $10 for the party…or $10 for BOTH!  So no matter when you come, or how long you stay, the price is the same!  And remember, refreshments are provided!

What our parties have to offer:   We have been getting a lot of compliments on our music selection!  We were tired of hearing the same tired music, too.  So we work really hard at finding new music and mixing them with the old stand-bys in all dance genres.   We also have great party ideas!  We will have a special themed party about once a month.  You won’t see generic party themes here.  And as always we will occasionally move our party away from the studio with “Paramount Paints the Town,” where we meet out students out on the town, for a night of dancing!

We are looking forward to seeing you and being your Saturday night dance connection!

In celebration of reaching 200 Fans on Facebook…

Paramount Ballroom Company wants to thank all their fans and dance friends by announcing this amazing limited time offer!  Starting Friday, October 14th all private lessons will be 1/2 price!! 

Here is the one and only catch:  Lessons must be purchased one at a time, and must be taken at time of purchase.  However, there is no limit to how many lessons each person takes.  When the lesson time is reserved, it is yours!  This offer will not last long and spaces are very limited, so please reserve your lesson time NOW!  Contact us at:  913-951-9890.

If you cannot make you scheduled lesson time, please cancel within 24 hours if possible, so that others may get a chance at this offer.

Paramount Paints the Town

 Let’s travel back in time…

to a time when the music was grand and the dance halls were hoppin’!  Join us at the National Airline History Museum’s Fall Hangar Dance.  They spiff up the hangar and line out a perfect sized dance floor.  The Moonlight Serenade, will play Big Band hits and our favorite ballads from yesteryear.  Paramount Ballroom Company is proud to offer a dance class to all Hangar Dance participants starting at 6 PM.

Doors open at 5:30 pm, dance class at 6:00, and the band is on at 7:00. Tickets are available at the door:  $20 per person, $35 per couple.  Dinner, snacks and drinks available at the Hangar.  Please click to view the delicious call ahead menu options!         See you all there, save us a dance!



Amy Castro to call Paramount Ballroom Company home!

Paramount Ballroom Company is proud to announce that Amy Castro will be teaching out of their studio.  Amy brings much talent, grace, and professionalism.  If you have not had the opportunity to meet her yet, you will get a chance at the Grand Opening, and you are sure to love her as much as we do!  Stay posted to our calendar for Amy’s workshops and classes.


Grand Opening scheduled for September 30th, 2011!

Put it in your iPhone, your iPad, write it on you calendar and on your post-its…heck, write it on your forehead!  Just make sure you save the date.  After all, this is going to be a date that is talked about for years to come.  We can’t wait to bring you what you’ve been asking for:  A dance studio that has it all!  A comfortable, inviting atmosphere where dancers young and old can come to learn and train and socialize.  Most of all to have fun!  We are excited to open our doors and our hearts to you on Friday, September 30th, 2011!  The day that will change ballroom dancing in Kansas City forever.

See more about our Grand Opening on our Events page and on Facebook.


Paramount Ballroom Company has a very exciting announcement to make!

We are very happy and excited to have found the perfect space  for our own studio!  And it feels amazing to finally be able to say it!  Dreams of what it would be like and how we would do things rolled around our heads as we constantly peered into the windows of vacant commercial spaces.  We always hoped that the next one would be “the one.”  It seemed like it would never happen for us.  So you would not believe how excited we were when we made the last stop of a very busy day, on a complete whim, to find THIS empty space had a complete wall full of floor to ceiling mirrors!  There was no question we had finally found “the one.”  We started the process, crossed our fingers and said our prayers, and waited…and waited…and waited.  Timing could not have been better when we got the call.  Right smack in the middle of the Heart of America Dancesport Championships!  We were so happy to be able to make the announcement and toast our new business as “Paramount Paint[ed] the Town” with some of our closest dance friends and students.

Now about the space!  We will be located at 9860 Quivira across the street from Oak Park Mall. The studio is a perfect square with about 1400 square feet of pure dance floor.  We will offer group classes and private lessons to juniors and adults, Zumba® fitness classes, coaching sessions with some of today’s top professionals, and weekend parties to make sure that your learning stays fun!  Everyone is welcome, as always, and we look forward to seeing you all at our grand opening!  Stay posted to our Facebook Fan Page to join in the conversation about our progress.  And please spread the word, business grows most by word of mouth!  Thank you all for your support!

Paramount Paints the Town

The air was balmy, but you could feel the anticipation and excitement in it as we walked down the semi crowded streets. We passed one eclectic place after another, until arriving at our destination.  It was the Marquee Lounge and it was Paramount Paints the Town night. We entered to a warm welcome of students who were already there waiting, excited to see us and for the ensuing fun to begin.  A couple drinks, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot more students later the band began.  Tonight it was to be the swing band “Lonesome Hank and The Heartaches” and they were “On” tonight. We danced, we laughed, and then danced some more, the feeling of comradery, support, and encouragement could be cut with a knife.  It was wonderful to see so many enjoying themselves, from the experienced dancer to the brand new beginner, and simply because we brought them together.  And to think it was a simple idea at first, get people together, find a place to gather, and have as much fun and dancing as possible.  As the night progressed we decided it was time to continue the party, just now at another venue, so we gathered up our things said goodbye to all the on lookers we had met throughout the night and headed down the street to Elements. It was now time to put those Salsa group classes to the test.  As we took over the sidewalk on the way laughing and roaring, everyone stopped to see who the group was that was enjoying this night so much.  The answer was repeatedly announced “It’s Paramount Paints the Town” come join us we would say.  Before you knew it, it was like the pied piper leading the many towards the sounds of glasses clinking and Latin/Caribbean music playing. Upon arrival at our newest destination we could see the intimidation in some of our newer student’s eyes.  They were filled with awe at the smooth flashes of movement on the dance floor.   And because were a bit timid at first, we simply encouraged them, gave ‘em a little push, and before you knew they were out there amongst the crowd enjoying everything that dancing has to offer. The night ended as it began, laughing, dancing, great conversation, and most importantly more people asking when we would “paint the town” next!

We cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoy putting these dance events on for our students and friends. We are so happy to have so many be a part of the Paramount Ballroom Company family, and to conclude,  one of our students summed  it up perfectly as we left for the cars at the end of the night she turned to me and said, “Now THAT, was painting the town!!”

Working with a recent student made me remember an analogy that I learned from my mentor many years ago.  We were working on a new smooth step, and had been working on it for the entire lesson, keeping in mind proper frame, heels and toes, rise and fall, body flight, etc.  It was clear that all of the instruction was getting overwhelming.

As dance students, you can often have a steady stream of your instructor’s words rambling through your head…”123, 123…Heel, toe, toe…Line of dance…Nose with your toes…hold your frame…right shoulder back….”  My tip is this:  It is important to do as my mentor said.  He told me to imagine I was the feather in the movie Forest Gump.  Forget everything else, and just let the movement happen to the music.  Good luck, let go, and dance free.

Everyone wants to be a better Ballroom dancer, make your waltz smoother, your cha cha sharper. But also millions of people are just looking for tips to have more fun and relax when going out dancing. Here are a few tips on how to not only make your dancing experience more fun, but more enjoyable for those you partner with as well.



  1.   Be kind at all times. Have patience for not only your mistakes but others as well. We all make mistakes when learning to ballroom and Latin dance, just be able to smile and laugh at yourself.
  2. Be aware; always know your surroundings on the dance floor. Most importantly, be aware of the one in your arms.
  3. Floor craft, this is a lot like being aware of others but the next level up. In your smooth dances always dance to where someone is, chances are by time you get there they will have moved on. In your Latin dances remember arms up not out.
  4.  Keep the variety in your dancing consistent. Everybody leads differently, and everybody follows differently, variety is the spice of life and learning in ballroom dancing. 
  5. Mind your T’s and H’s. Toes and Heels are more important than “just because my teacher said so.” Proper foot placement is the first step to putting the body where it is supposed to be for better leading and following.
  6.  Back to basics, never be too good to go back to your grass roots technique and practice. As a 16 year teacher I still take time out to practice even those most basic of techniques. And remember never say I know that, whether it be if your teacher is correcting something or your partner offering you some friendly advice. Open ears means an open mind.
  7. There’s a time and place for everything. It’s great that you have learned so much, and there is nothing wrong with showcasing your talents. However when there’s 50 people on a 30×30 floor that is not the time to do it, choose your timing wisely.
  8.  Social is as social does. Ballroom dancing originated as a way for people to get together and socialize so do just that. Don’t just stick to one place, get out there, go to different events, and meet new people.
  9.  Plateaus aren’t just in Arizona. Everyone experiences an even plane in their progress at some point, don’t panic, and don’t get discouraged. At first all learning is progress, and then you have a period of what I call structure. This is where your progressive learning slows to what feels like a crawl. It is important to use this time to solidify previously learned techniques. Use this time wisely because your progress will resume shortly, be patient.
  10.  Have fun. It is a proven fact that if you have fun, relax, laugh, and keep your stress level low then the brain is 57% more receptive to retaining new input.


Remember dancing is what you make of it, if you want to enjoy your evening out more, as well as help others enjoy theirs, then follow these 10 simple tips. Before you know it you will be one of the most sought out dancers on and off the floor.

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