NewsLaBlast fitness is coming to Paramount…

and studio owner, Jessica MacAuley is going to show you how it’s done!  LaBlast is a perfect fit for Jessica and Paramount because it is a Ballroom and Latin dance based fitness program created by Louis Van Amstel, dancer and choreographer for the hit TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”   Jessica has been in the Ballroom dance business for 10 years and a licensed Zumba instructor for 4 years, so LaBlast is the perfect addition to her repertoire.

Be among the first in Kansas City to give LaBlast a try!  You don’t need to be a dancer, you don’t need to have a partner, you just need to come!  Jessica will handle the rest!  Watch for LaBlast classes to be added to Paramount’s studio calendar Winter of 2014!

To learn more about LaBlast fitness click HERE!




Felipe and Carolina 2

Felipe Telona, Jr. and wife, Carolina.

This couple captured our hearts…

and made us feel lucky to call ourselves dancers.  Long before we were Paramount Ballroom Company, we fell in love with this couple after having the opportunity to do some training with them in New York!  We are beyond thrilled that half of this duo, Felipe Telona Jr., will be coming exclusively to Paramount Ballroom December 6-8 for private coaching, group trainings, and a Friday Night Meet and Greet!  Mr. Telona is extremely talented and popular, and opportunities to train with him will sell out!  Please save the dates and RSVP to his classes via events on our Facebook page.  Pre-registration and payment is the only way to secure your spot, and is strongly suggested.


Classes at Paramount include:

Friday, December 6th @ 7 pm  Cha Cha.  Some experience helpful.  No partner needed.

Saturday, December 7th @ 2pm  Salsa.  Some experience helpful.  No partner needed.

Saturday, December 7th @3 pm  Rumba.  Some experience helpful.  No partner needed.

Learn More about Felipe and Carolina Telona


World American Rhythm Show Dance Champions

World Mambo Champions

World Salsa Champions

8 Time American Rhythm Grand Finalists

3- Time U.S. Silver Medalists

Theatrical Arts Champions

Argentine Tango Champions


Performing Credentials

Assistant Choreographers on “So You Think You Can Dance”

Assistant choreographers for Celine Dion Music Video and 2008 World Tour

Currently Featured Dance Artists on America’s Ballroom Challenge Seen on PBS

Featured Performers for the Gracie Allen Awards

Featured Performers for the “dancers for Life Tribute” at the New York City Center on Broadway With Liza Minelli

Choreographers for American Express. Industrial Film

Choreographers for “So You Think You Can Dance”

2013 Dance Legends, Performed on Broadway: Only American Rhythm Couple Ever invited

Their Story

Carolina Orlovsky-Telona and Felipe Telona have been devoting their lives together in developing the ability to touch, move, and inspire both audiences and students of all ages thru the art of dance.

Carolina knew from a young age when she began studying ballet under the direction of Ms. Bella Kovarskya that she would grow up to be a dancer. At Eighteen Carolina boarded a bus bound for New York City. She went on to study at the Alvin Aliey American Dance Center, become a recipient of the Richard Ellner Scholarship and apprentice for two consecutive years in Ann Reinking’s Broadway Theatre Project.

However, it was not until she met Felipe in the basement of a Dance Studio in New Jersey did she realize her true calling, the World of Dance Sport. Shortly after their introduction two things began to blossom, both her love for him and her love of Competitive Dance Sport.

A year later, Carolina and Felipe formed a partnership in both marriage and dance. They have since gone on to become 3-time United States Bronze Medalists, World Mambo, World Salsa Champions, and most recently United States Silver Medalists in the Professional American Rhythm division.
A 3rd Degree Black Belt, Felipe was offered both a football and baseball scholarship but his heart was set on dancing when he decided to turn professional after only three years of dancing as an Amateur, during which time he won the 1999 Blackpool Latin Formation team title.

He began his professional Career in New Jersey where after only three months with his first partner he placed Fifth in the U.S. American Rhythm division. A day after returning from the U.S. Championships he asked Carolina out on a date. And so began their courtship and shortly after their partnership,which is now going in its 10th year.


NewsNever underestimate the power of a referral.

Having been business owners for some time now, there are certain words that make you cringe, and others that make you jump for joy. The one that has always made me jump the highest is “referral.” It is important for any business to thrive, but to have clients that believe in you and what you do so much so that they tell their friends, family, and yes even sometimes total strangers about you, evokes a feeling beyond thankfulness. A simple referral  could mean anything. It could be as simple as an exchange of business cards, all the way to something that could change your life as you know it…. Little did we know how our life was about to change when we answered the phone and said “Yes, of course we’re accepting new clients.”
To make a long story short we have been asked to manage an independent studio. Paramount Ballroom is coming soon to 103rd and State Line, in Kansas City, Mo.  Please come check us out. We are seconds off of I-435, have two beautiful ballrooms, ample parking, great sound, fully stocked bar, built-in stage for live bands, and a combined 4,000 sq. feet of bamboo floating dance floor. Grand opening date to be announced!





NewsThe results are in…

and Paramount performed perfectly!  For the 2nd year in a row, Paramount Ballroom Company left it all on the floor earning placements in 14 out of 15 events at the 2013 Heart of America Dancesport Championships.  To date, every one of our competitors has placed, and we are so proud!

A huge congratualtions to this year’s lone competitor!  You did great at your first competition, and we are so proud of you!

Greg Butler & Jessica MacAuley, HOA 2013

Greg Butler & Jessica MacAuley, HOA 2013

Many of you have heard our recent news…

Paramount Ballroom Company will no longer be operating from 9860 Quivira.  We have closed our studio doors, and are continuing as an independent company just as many other area instructors do.  We will be based out of the centrally located, Kansas City Swing and Tango space in Mission, Kansas. We as a couple and as a business are dedicated to continue doing what we do best, “Painting the Town,” training our students, and raising our family.  A very special thanks to all of our loyal students and patrons, that are starting us out on this new chapter with a strong and diverse student body.  We are already have a busy schedule, with several brand new special events in the works.  Please refer to our calendar, located on the Home Page, to find our current class schedule starting in December 2012.  And don’t forget to check back often for special events!

Ballroom dancing evokes many emotions;

the thrill of dressing up, the anticipation of meeting new people or just seeing your friends again, the buzz that surrounds the dance floor and the excitement of dance itself. All feelings are valid, justified, and welcome; they make the experience more than worth the wait. However the flip-side to that coin can be a discouraging one, so here are a few things to remember to better enhance the experience of yours and those around you.

First be kind and courteous, no one will want to dance with you if you’re judgmental of them or their ability. Always try to remember what it was like to be brand new to dancing. It is nerve racking, and scary at first so help encourage all you come into contact with.

Second, when on the dance floor be aware of your surroundings as well as the situation. When dancing smooth move towards those in front of you, most likely by the time you arrive there they will have progressed and moved on. Think 3 steps ahead, so as not to run up on the people down the line of dance from you, don’t start an elaborate 6 measure pattern 4 feet away from someone, it will usually end badly. When dancing Latin all those sexy arms you’ve been dying to try out keep in check till the right place and time. If now happens to be the right place and time consider how crowded the floor is and maybe consider making the arm styling  shape upward to avoid beheading the couple next to you.

And finally floor craft. Think of the dance floor like a Bulls eye, if you are newer to dancing keep simply to the middle of the floor so as to keep out of the way of experienced dancers as well as for your own peace of mind. When first exploring learning to dance, gaining confidence is the key. And the more comfortable with your surroundings you get the more confident you become. Second ring of the “Bulls eye” is for the next level of dancers, those that are comfortable on the floor but are still in the stage of understanding movement through pushing off and body flight. And our final outside ring is for those that are more experienced with the ebb and flow of line of dance, and are more confident in their ability to maneuver around other people. Most importantly and this is for all levels of dancers remember to be understanding.  Avoid being upset if you get “cutoff” more likely than not, it was unintentional, and was simply a mistake. No matter who you are, or how good you become you WILL make mistakes, accept it, learn from it, apologize for it when necessary, and move on. I always try to express to my students, and those I coach to not worry so much. I don’t mind that they make the mistake, I care about how they react to the mistakes they make. Learning to dance is a gift we all like giving as well as receiving gifts, so show your gratitude.

We are so lucky…

that a professional of this caliber, is willing and able to take time out of her competitive tour to visit our studio March 30-31, 2012!  Currently between the 5th and 6th leg of the Capezio Dance Beat Smooth Tour with her partner Mazen Hamza, Izabella will be exclusively at Paramount Ballroom Company for just two short days offering Private Coaching and Workshops.  This is an opportunity that we are proud to provide our students and dance community.  Space is limited and pre-registering is strongly suggested.



Workshops:  $40 per person/$70 per couple.
Save $10 by when you attend both workshops: $35 per class
Save an extra $5 per workshop when you schedule a
private coaching: $30 per class

Private Coaching (with or without personal instructor, by appointment only):  $145

About Izabella:  Her first dance steps Izabella took at the age of 6 in her home country of Poland. Dancing became not only her big passion, but also a lifestyle.

Since early childhood she has been coached by some of the top dance teachers in the world. Izabella won many prestigious competitions in the following styles of dance: International Latin, International Standard, American Smooth and Showdance.

Izabella moved to US in 2004 and began competing in professional International Latin. She won numerous Showdance competitions and participated as Open Latin finalists in many competitions in the US.

In 2006 Izabella demonstrated for Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson, from “Dancing With The Stars”, in their instructional dance video.

Izabella had the privilege to be the main coach of the Ohio State University Ballroom Dance Team in 2008.

In 2009 Izabella began her partnership with Mazen Hamza in the American Smooth style of dance. In a short period of time they have been dancing together they already won numerous competitions around the country.

Mazen and Izabella are bringing new dimension to the American Smooth, very contrasting and innovative from what has been done so far in this style of dance. Basing their styling on deep understanding of body mechanics their dancing leaves no room for ordinary interpretation of any dance.

Yet again in 2010 Izabella took the position of a collegiate dance team coach, but it was at the University of Delaware.

It was in 2011 that Mazen & Izabella have reached their highest yet placement in the Am. Style Smooth dancing: 2nd at the National Championships as well as 2nd at the World Championships.

Mazen and Izabella are excited to see what the 2012 competitive season brings.

There have been a lot of things in my dance career that I have learned from taking classes, lessons, and private coaching, and over all these years there are a few “gems,” as one of my students calls them, that just stuck with me.  Whether it’s a vivid explanation or picture story, for some reason the “gem” just sits in your mind like a dormant storm just waiting to stir up when called upon.  So let’s call upon a few now.

When maintaining dance position, think on this:  worry less about staying there, and more about being there.  Now that may sound redundant, so let me explain.  Most of us can get into a pretty good dance position, but the real issue at hand is usually maintaining it through movement.   Once you get into proper position, don’t immediately start worrying about staying there.   Instead, worry (if you will), about being there from one step to the next.  Live in the “now”, not the “what will be 2 minutes from now.”  A golf instructor I once had told me to focus on one thing at a time…meaning when you posture up to tee off don’t stand there and repeat in your mind, “Don’t hit it in the water… don’t hit it in the water!!”  Why?  Because guess what will happen…yup… Blooop!   So don’t worry about if you’re in position at the end of the song, just be in position for each step, you might surprise yourself at the end of that 2 minutes.

There are constant issues with achieving and maintaining dance position for both men and women, but I want to share another tip with the ladies.  We’re going call it “The Airplane.”  This is a great exercise for ladies to practice for achieving and maintaining proper dance position.

1.  Stand with your feet together, stretch nice and tall (lengthen your torso), arms stretched straight out.




2.  Think wing span, now keeping your upper body as one, angle your “airplane” to turn left, make sure your head stays dead center of the plane.




3.  Keeping your head where it is, level your shoulders and arms back parallel to the floor.




4.  Now have your partner place himself into dance position with you.

There you have it, now just work on keeping your position by thinking one step at a time.  All right guys, the next blog is for you!

What an honor…

to have such a top-notch professional as our first coach!  We hope that you will have the opportunity to come to the studio to meet and train with Max Sinitsa exclusively at Paramount Ballroom Company during his stay January 14-16, 2012.  Max will be teaching a Waltz and a Tango Seminar and will be available for private coaching.  We are so lucky that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to come share his knowledge with us, you do not want to miss this opportunity!  Space is limited and pre-registering is strongly suggested.





Private coaching by appointment only: $145

Seminars: $40 or both seminars for $35 each.   Seminars will be discounted to $30 with the purchase of a Private Coaching.

To schedule a private coaching please call Amy Castro @ (913)957-0579,  or find her on her facebook page, Amy Castro Ballroom Dance.  To reserve your spot for a seminar, you may call Amy, or Paramount Ballroom Company @  (913)859-9778, or find us on face page, Paramount Ballroom Company.

**All seminars and coaching appointments must be paid for before their scheduled time to guarantee you spot!


About Max Sinitsa  Max’s impressive list if credentials include:  2010 United States Rising Star Champion,  2010 United States Open Professional Semi-finalist,  and 3 time United States Amateur American Smooth Champion.

Max began dancing in Ukraine at the age of 10. His parents were both Dancers in Kiev but not in competitive ballroom dancing. At first Max had done both Latin and Standard programs and only after he had moved to Los  Angeles that he made a decision to focus on the International Ballroom.  Following the move to Los Angeles in 1993 Max began training in the American Smooth style and with his current partner Lesya Sinitsa won the U.S. Amateur Title in 2000. After keeping the US Title for 3 years in a row, Max and Lesya had decided to stop competing in the American Smooth style and only put their focus on the International style once again.

In 2004 Max and Lesya had unfortunately split their partnership due to personal reason and both remained competitors with different partners. Following a 6 year break from dancing with one another, Max and Lesya had reunited again in May of 2010. This time both individuals were professional and had begun to pursue their first Professional Rising Star Title. In September of 2010 Max and Lesya had won their first US Professional International Standard Title at USDC in Orlando Florida.

Within the last 2 years Max has slowly built a group of kids in the local Los Angeles area and those who have found partners began competing locally. Now the group consists of 7 couples ranging from ages of 7 to 18 years old. Aside from private lessons, the group is put through simulation rounds 2 times a week and they children are encouraged to practice and cross-train parallel to their school work.  Every summer Max runs a Summer Intensive Program designed to teach the kids many aspects of Ballroom Dancing such as partnering, floor-craft skills, musicality and behavior on and off the floor. The camp has been very successful in the last few years and has grown to accommodate a large group of 18 young adults.

Everyone is invited to attend a grand evening celebrating the year’s grand exit!

Enjoy cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres, and dancing well into the new year featuring the city’s best studio mix of ballroom, Latin, and WC swing favorites.  A party like this only comes once a year, so dress to impress!  View our facebook event here.
$50 per person, space is limited.

Ticket required and must be purchased in advance by December 23rd, afterward all ticket sales are subject to a price increase.
Checks may be made to Jim or Jessica MacAuley and sent to the studio.

Paramount Ballroom Company
9860 Quivira
Lenexa, Ks. 66215

From last year's bash...don't miss this year's fun!


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